Latest project: Ekphrastic Beasts – A New Kind of RPG Compendium

Check out a new kickstarter that I’m apart of! The fundraising runs until the end of May so click the picture below to head to the website or read on for a synopsis.

What is this project?

Our project is a full-color fantasy art book, which leads with spectacular artwork from 4 of today’s most exciting weird illustrators, that also functions as an artist-created compendium of creatures for the 5th edition of the world’s most popular role-playing game!

How will the funds bring it to life?

With the money raised we will create dozens of strange, gruesome, terrifying, never-before-seen creatures for your tabletop campaigns—and make them available in a full-color illustrated PDF as well as a beautifully printed & bound book.

Who is the creator?

We are: Ellie Gill (illustrator), Jeremy Hush (illustrator), Joe Keinberger (illustrator), Nathan Reidt (illustrator), Janaka Stucky (author). All of us are lifelong artists and gamers, fulfilling our dream of creating a bestiary!

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